1. Thousand Thoughts: Control LP + T-Shirt bundle
    Control LP + T-Shirt Bundle

    Thousand Thoughts

  2. Gen and the Degenerates: Underwear 7" & T-Shirt Bundle
    Underwear 7" & T-Shirt Bundle

    Gen and the Degenerates

  3. Press to MECO: Transmute Test Pressing
    Transmute Test Pressing

    Press to MECO


  1. Rews: Warriors Red LP


  2. Press To MECO: Here's to the Fatigue LP
    Here's to the Fatigue

    Press To MECO

  3. The Bottom Line: No Vacation LP
    No Vacation

    The Bottom Line


Marshall is more than just an amp manufacturing brand. Marshall is a music brand. Jim Marshall's passion for music was the driver for all that he achieved. This same motivation is at the heart of Marshall Records. The label supports musicians to create, record, produce and promote their music.